III.44 Knot Polynomials, W. B. R. Lickorish, HOMEFLY Calculations, Other Polynomial Invariants, Application to Alternating Knots, Physics, III.45 K-Theory, Lagrange Multipliers, III.46 The Leech Lattice, III.47 L-Functions by Kevin Buzzard, Packaging Number Sequences, Good Properties, Point, III.48 Lie Theory by Mark Ronan, Lie Groups: Pages 226 – 230.

Knot Polynomials, W. B. R. Lickorish, HOMEFLY Calculations

Other Polynomial Invariants

Application to Alternating Knots



Lagrange Multipliers

The Leech Lattice

L-Functions, Kevin Buzzard

Packaging number sequences

Good Properties

What is the point of L-Functions?

Lie Theory, by Mark Ronan

Lie Groups

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