Introduction to Nanoscience by S. M. Lindsay ISBN: 9780199544219

Introduction to Nanoscience by S. M. Lindsay ISBN:  9780199544219.

Chapter 2: Quantum mechanics.  2.1 – 2.15.

Hitachi experiment.

Particles and waves.

The uncertainty principle.

Probability amplitudes and the rules of quantum mechanics.

Composite particles.


Dirac Notation.

Many particle wavefunctions and identical particles.

The Pauli exclusion principle.

The Schrodinger equation: a tool for calculating probability amplitudes.

Schrodinger equation and more than one electron.

Solution of the one-electron time-independent Schrodinger equation for a constant potential.

Electron tunneling through a potential barrier.

The Hitachi experiment explained with wavefunctions.

A particle in a box.

Density of states for free particles.

A tunnel junction.

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