Introduction to Nanoscience by S. M. Lindsay ISBN: 9780199544219.

Introduction to Nanoscience by S. M. Lindsay ISBN:  9780199544219.

Chapter 3:  Statistical mechanics and chemical kinetics.

3.16  The Kramer theory of reaction rates.

3.17  Chemical kinematics.

3.18  Acid-base reactions as an example of chemical equilibrium.

3.19  The Michaelis-Menten relation and on-off rates in nano-bio reactions.

3.20  Rate equations in small systems.

3.21  Nanothermodynamics.

3.22  Modeling nanosystems explicitly:molecular dynamics.

3.23  Systems far from equilibrium: Jarzynski’s equality.

3.24  Fluctuations and quantum mechanics.

3.25  Bibliography.

3.26  Exercises.


Appendix C: Schrödinger equation for the hydrogen atom. 

Appendix G: The Gibbs distribution.

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